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dis journal noice *thumbs up emoji*


Hi guys, happy late new year! XD I hope you had a decent start to a brand new year, and I wish you all good luck and blessings to come! I think it's a good time to ditch 2016 and do some fresh things this year, so I'm going to spruce up and get to working! :U I go back to college tomorrow, so gonna write this before I get sucked into the void! Long ramblings ahead~

Story Updates

So sadly yeah, I'm still on that so called art hiatus thing I said the in the last journal. I'm still creating art on the sidelines but I still don't think I'll be sharing any new original content (new char/story ideas/concepts/etc.) any time soon. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This semester in college should be sorta pleasant since I have 2 art classes, however I also have 2 practicum classes (which I have no idea how to prepare for, they're my first) so we'll see how the start of this year fares for me.

Also story wise, gash sorry I'm still not too optimistic on me being able to create a comic series some day due to my own procrastination and frustrations with the creation process >:U It is so my fault and all on me to make these stories happen, so I'll keep working on that. No promises though, again, but the fact that I always find myself reverting back to writing says something!

However, if you guys have been snooping around, I've been busy hacking away with a new story idea (well, it was from 2015-2016) and what's awesome about it is that I actually love it to bits soooo much! ^v^ What's keeping me going is just the idea of finishing this new comic idea because the possibilities with it are endless, crazy, and so much fun! Plus what's awesome is that my sister is working on it with me, and we hope (if ever) to bring it to life in all of its crazy glory. I don't really mind if you guys already found out what it is, I'm just going to stay low on it because I don't want to get worked up on something that may not happen (mistakes learned, mistakes learned). Just know it involves space, evil aliens, cartoony fun, and a whole lot of color! \(QuQ)/ I hope some day you guys will decide if it's worth all the excitement me and my sis are amping up in our tiny hearts eeeeeee

As for Sohrab's Rebirth, my baby's getting there. UvU The main reason I don't show much of it is because I still have to piece together its huge scope of a plot, consider all the research material (due to it dealing with worldly religions/myths), and just how big I wanna go with the art- because it's gonna be tedious. Again, out of all my stories I think and prepare for this one the most so don't ever think this one is dead! If I ever do finish this Goliath, when would we expect to see it? Probably after the alien story if the stars and Earth are perfectly aligned.

Speaking of which, I'm trying to do official character sheets for all Sohrab's Rebirth characters, so if you ever see a hunk of deviations soon with butt tons of info; is meh > w >

Also I sooooo apologize if I'm a bit reclusive as of late, I'm not trying to be dodgy on purpose, got a lot on my plate to work work work and do my best in school school school. I forget to check messages or interact with human life XAX maybe one day that'll chaaaaaange

Leaving... DA?

Ah, this thing.

┐(´∇`)┌  I've decided that I'm going to "leave" DA!

Well don't worry guys, I'm not going to completely abandon my ever loving and weird home, but I feel like I don't use this site much anymore and there's not been a lot of activity here with my friends and art. Most everything I know has moved to tumblr/twitter/etc. and frankly, I too have been more active on tumblr and twitter more than anything else (hue hue... active :3c ...). So yeah, I'm informing you guys that I won't be using DA that much anymore.

I will probably occasionally post art or a journal or two here for any general updates and what not, but I won't be answering any further messages/notes (unless it's this journal or importante). I think I'll always check back once or twice since a lot of my favorite artists still reside solely on DA, but other then that; poofles!

And who knows? I might come back when I have the chance to enter into one more OCT, since that's been on my to do list for a while. But alas, time forbids, so we'll see UvU

You can look at the side of this journal or check out my Portfolio for other ways to come find me! But once I get around to it, I'm more active on these sites down below:

As a recap: my art tumblr is home to all my general art, but my OC tumblr is home to more relaxed OC rambles/sketches/art and more info on my characters. My twitter is where you can see me twit twat away or post lots of sketches! Some of you may wonder about my gallery, so don't worry, I'm keeping all the art in my gallery for memories.


I think all that I have to say now is, thank you so much for sticking with me on DA! It might not be such a big deal to some, but DA had some pretty rad times for me. It's been a real pleasure having watchers like you and I hope to party out with you guys over on the other sites :la: All I've ever known on this site was super nice everythings, from discovering my bestest of friends, receiving such encouraging feedback, and just being stronger overall //flex; so thank you again!

Happy New Year, and hope you all go out and do amazing things, cause if I'm remarkably trying to then by gosh I know you all can do just as well, or heck, even better than this ol' asian! Even if you all are just gonna sleep in your bed, that's a completely okay thing to do cause ya did it!!! But don't stay too long or the world will skip along without ya!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mkay peeps, have a nice day~ <3

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I Sob on Life + Art Updates

Sat Sep 3, 2016, 10:38 AM by Shainbow:iconshainbow:
kaomoji set 2 14/67 
Hello everyone! How are you guys? >v<
It's finally the weekend, so I'm just gonna write on what's been going on with my life thus far with college and all and just why I've been lacking on the art department for a while ho boy! Warning, it's kind of a sour downeeeeer~


College has started a few weeks ago for me and so far there's so much reading and future essays to worry about! Its kinda like I'm rolling into one assignment to another and another when I think I had one thing done. Hopefully by the end of the semester I won't be stumbling down the hill, but we'll see! I've also gotten a work-study job too, this time working around the art department by being a gallery attendant, helping with supplies, helping with the new storage system we have, etc. Hopefully I'll get the most hours from this, more moolah plz thank. Whilst doing that, I'm meeting a lot more nice people this year, how neat!

Also, me and my sister got Overwatch. It's been a pretty fun time waster as well :P

So because of all that, I can't really reply to notes and comments a lot. Forgive me I'm so tired you guys I can't socialize that well aaaah except for OCT work, I will never stray from that buddha forbid




Here's some bad news.

I'm probably gonna be lacking on posting art for a good while, so the amount you see me pump out now is probably what will be for the next few years. I'm in the education department as well as art, and we have practicums, lesson plans, and Praxis II coming up to worry about, so there's no way I'm flaking on that. Even if I didn't have the time to do art before, sadly my motivation for it has frustratingly decreased significantly.

Sure I doodle things here and there, but with my lack of motivation, along with some situations I had to deal with, I don't really feel like posting my work up that frequently anymore; at least new and original content. God that's a major mistake an artist can do, not post recently, but I can't really help it. I shouldn't really be scared to do that, but some things I've seen and had to deal with really have put me off from doing so. Things I trusted in could not be trusted anymore, things I've witnessed became very nasty and dumb, and I always have to question my ideas now that I never had to before. I've never had to deal with that environment before and there's no way I gonna find myself in it; really all just really immature and needless suffering. Kinda killed my vibe, it's not fun to create if I constantly have to worry about it. I find that I'm not that confident as a creator suddenly because of those experiences. It's on me that it effects me, but for now I'm not comfortable sharing my new stuff or do art steams all that frequently (or at all).

Kinda salty about it because of the ridiculous drama, horrifying desperation, shade, and word twisting I had to deal with for the first time (S-Le can be salty omgg????), but yeah, thanks for that lol ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ I ain't living overanalyzing things negativly like that, I understand the struggles tho, but I'm done. Wishing everyone the best in their endeavors nonetheless.


Well if you guys haven't figured out before, I'm telling you now; ROST is sorta dead. Sorta. But kinda dead. College killed it, but then again it never really had a good foundation to start with anyways. Not much to say about that, I apologize to those I've disappointed. It's still an iffy situation on how I feel about it, but I kinda don't want to be reminded about the story or characters anymore. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I do have stories that I'm still thinking about (Sohrab's Rebirth my baby, and another one too...) but seeing how things are going, I'm not quite confident on my abilities to draw them out as well as finish something with them. I still love these stories till the very end, but gash I hate to be a downer, but I do acknowledge that I haven't been doing my part as a creator to make more progress with them. Again, its totally on me, but since I'm constantly stuck on them and keep putting it off I'm always worried these stories will never come to the light of day. Actually, I have to be honest, there's a good chance they probably won't become webcomics at all. Yep. I'm so notorious about that; starting something but I never finish it. I always do that and its so bad! It's not the end of the world if they never become finished, I'll still have those stories in my head to enjoy, but it's devastating that I believed I could make a webcomic and never did. There's a lot of characters, moments, messages, and action that I want to share so bad- but do I even have the time? Will l even will myself to pick up the pen and be satisfied with what I see? I'm not worried about doing it justice, oh gosh there's no way I can make stories perfect that is fact and no issue, but my finishing abilities suck.

Haha I got a terrible negative mindset about this, but its a reality that I have to tell you guys. Optimism isn't always 100% there in making stories, its a struggle you gotta fight through. There's a lot of things I'm worried about when thinking about the story making process, and I have a lot of things to work on. I know a lot of people feel like this, and I know a lot of people have gotten out of it. I've done lots of mistakes on ROST that you guys don't even know about, and I'm learning to do better next time. I'll keep trying no matter what, but there's still truth that, ya know- I might not be cut out to make webcomics.

Aaah not a nice journal I know, probably not something you want to see from me, but had to take some things off my nervous mind and let you guys know what's been going down. Gotta be honest! And to be honest, I feel relieved I said what I said. I can't sugarcoat it with sparkles and frosting. I do hope for the best for myself though, because I don't really want to live a regretful art career over small things, how silly. So even if there's a lot of problems with my process, I've acknowledged them and I'm willing to work it out. We'll see! No promises!

Also thanks for the comments on my status, love you guys <33 *huggles all, cause boy do I needs it and maybe you do too friends*

mkay do well in school peeps~

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Me and my Tumblahs

Tue May 31, 2016, 12:27 PM by Shainbow:iconshainbow:


Heeeey just a small thing. So you guys know I have a tumblr (if you don't, well here you go)

 Art Tumblr 

But very very recently I made another blog that will be dedicated to be more in depth about characters with lots more blabbering, doodles, and perhaps other silly stuff. Just a nice, cozy, and relaxed place for me to talk about characters without cluttering my main art blog. If you would like to hear me talk into the void, consider following!

 Character Tumblr 

Besides that, thanks for reading and hope you're all doing swell!
mkay have nice daydreams peeps~

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Random Watcher Feature 3!

Sun May 8, 2016, 10:44 AM
Animated Rainbow Heart Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Heart Divider by Gasara

Lenny face extreme ultimate  It's been a while~

QvQ Again, thank  you all so much for watching me, it's really neat and I appreciate it very much! Here is another randomized watcher feature, please do take some time to check them out! <3

:bulletblue: :icondarkmoonviolet: :bulletblue:

Bright and sassy by Darkmoonviolet  heart eyes by Darkmoonviolet  Looking forward by Darkmoonviolet

:bulletblue: :iconscaryskits11: :bulletblue:

Raging Knights Of Tragedy by ScarySkits11  Fine Fruits of Labor by ScarySkits11  ~Carved With Love~ by ScarySkits11

:bulletred: :iconelectra-draganvel: :bulletred:

Catoon Belle by Electra-Draganvel  Night Princess by Electra-Draganvel  LN - Quiet Time by Electra-Draganvel

:bulletpurple: :iconyushibunu: :bulletpurple:

Happy Spring! by YushiBunu  Bethany (Child) by YushiBunu  Celestial AU Amari by YushiBunu

:bulletblue: :iconrachelarties998: :bulletblue: 

hatsune miku by rachelarties998  Dreemurr Sans by rachelarties998  gwenn by rachelarties998

:bulletpink: :iconfelltrap: :bulletpink:

Blue Butterflies by FellTrap  SpLaTtEr PaRtY! by FellTrap  //Undertale//Toriel by FellTrap

:bulletorange: :icondemcakes: :bulletorange:

Dis Fucker by demcakes  The Kitty Siblings by demcakes  Get Away with Murder by demcakes 

:bulletblack: :iconkutsivi: :bulletblack:

Burn the Witch by Kutsivi  

:bulletgreen: :iconjosephblakeparker: :bulletgreen:

5 Tips for Increasing Dramatic Tension in Writing5 Tips for Increasing Dramatic Tension in Your Writing
Anybody Can Write a Novel
Chapter 7 “From Story to Art” – Section 7 “Rules, Limits, and Stacking the Odds”
With Links to Supplementary Material
If you've got a draft of a story or a story in mind, sooner or later you will begin to realize that you might want a certain quality—a certain epic intensity that you've seen and experiences with books and movies that keep you on the edge of your seat with tremulous excitement, and then makes you feel like your mind has been blown after you are finished. But wait! Doesn't Shyamalan try to make his movies epic, and just leave his audience irritated because in doing so he makes his stories seem terribly bloated and self-absorbed? Yes! But YOU can reach epic tension without making your story self-pleasuring and pretentious
  Freedom of the VineFreedom of the Vine
  A Dog and His Sick MasterA Dog and His Sick Master
by Joseph Blake Parker
I laid my head in Master's lap and yawned with a faint cry. He sat still in his moving chair, sprawled out so that I could not join him. His noise box was not on but I knew that he wasn't sleeping by the way he breathed. His breathing told me that he was hurting, sick, and he didn't want to be bothered. I kissed Master's hand and returned to my duty, checking every room to make sure that all was in order.
I first came upon his bedroom. The bedroom always smelled unused. Master had not slept in it since his mate had become sick. I no longer entered except to make my rounds or when I joined Master on the occasions when he changed coats; he acted sicker if he went in alone. This was a sanctuary, all but forbidden.
Today, I smelled an repugnant odor like urine and mold with a touch of strawberry. I bared my teeth and let a low growl from the back of my throat to make the intruder aware of my presence. No sooner had I seen his striped, gray c

:bulletyellow: :iconpartypeke: :bulletyellow:

PLANTFUR by PARTYPEKE  they thicc by PARTYPEKE  i'm headed DOWNTOWN, cruisin' thru the ALLEY by PARTYPEKE

:bulletpink: :icondaieny: :bulletpink:

Chibi Budgerigar by Daieny  Happy Bunny by Daieny  Kyute Axolotl by Daieny

:bulletpurple: :iconlostgiant: :bulletpurple:

Tam Skull by LostGiant  New Joker Portrait by LostGiant  The Weight Of The City by LostGiant

mkay be vigilant peeps~

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Art Trades (CLOSED) + study update

Sun Mar 20, 2016, 10:09 AM by Shainbow:iconshainbow:

Here be a study update

Yes it is I, the one who pops back from uploading almost nothing here and requests to participate in the interchanging of the visuals * 3 * How is everyone anyways?

But yeah, I've recently been done taking one of the most important tests in mah career path, and I got two of the three scores back. And like-

kaomoji set 2 40/67 kaomoji set 2 14/67 I DID EEEEEEEEET Kao Emoji-81 (Party Hard and Drink) [V5] Blush Wave Kaomoji

I'm so happy I wanted to cry in the test room when I saw them! The ACT was a stressful experience for me and I thought this was to be the same, but I done did it gooooood

So opening up art-trades!

But besides all that junk, I know you guys are clicking this journal cause I'm finally opening art-trades after a god awful long butt time! :dummy: I'm sorry I haven't sooner hue hue! The only reason I am now is because I haven't been satisfied with drawing my own characters at all recently and drawing other people's characters are always so fun and uplifting to me, so here I be!

Sorry to say though, but I'm only opening art-trades up for friends and mutuals (we follow each other) ONLY. If you are not a close friend or mutual I'm not accepting this time around.

However, after I'm done with buddy art-trades, perhaps I'll update this journal again and start accepting art-trades from anyone! Only requirement is that I have to receive the art-trade first, then I'll work on my end if you guys understand what I mean QuQ Plus there will be limited slots cause I still have college ho boy!

So holla

So yeah, if any of my friends *pokepokepokepoke* or mutuals would like to art-trade with my face, hit me up with a comment/note if interested yo. I would totes love to! I'll try my best to get them done today or within a week.

But like, p-please. Lemme draw yo wonderful children ; u ;

Besides that, I hope you all are having a wonderful spring thus far and to keep trying your best!  Bunny Emoji-32 (Waving) [V2] 

Art-Trade List thang

CLOSED! Currently accepting friends and mutuals only.

Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 0/4 Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 1/4 Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 2/4 Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 3/4 Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 4/4 
  1. :iconsilventer: (Night)  Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 4/4 :star:
  2. :iconsword-demon: (Claire Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 4/4 :star:
  3. :iconstitched-up-threads:  Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 4/4 :star:
  4. :iconclovertoon: (Jay Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 4/4 :star:
  5. :iconschizobot: (Arrt) Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 4/4 :star:
  6. :iconpartulla: (JadeProgress Bar   Rainbow Star 4/4 :star:
  7. :iconthegunheart: (Dinah Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 4/4 
  8. :iconzikka: (RubyProgress Bar   Rainbow Star 4/4  :star:
  9. :iconfearcrowz: (Oscar Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 4/4 :star:
  10. :iconranasan: (Sleipnir Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 4/4 :star:
  11. sesescorner (Furio + gun)   Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 4/4 :star:
  12. reichouclub Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 0/4
  13. terrifiedmouse (Jago)  Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 4/4  :star:
  14. :iconthefaceinthetree: (Vivienne)  Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 4/4 :star:
  15. :iconjuan-cn: (Monroe  Progress Bar   Rainbow Star 4/4  :star:

More to be added as list goes on...

mkay have a good time peeps <33

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Happy New Year 2016!!!!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 31, 2015, 4:17 PM

Fireworks Happy New Year guys! Fireworks 

Thank you for following me thus far! May next year bring lots of good cheer and hugs with those who care about you! Remember to spend time with those you love, to take care of yourself, and to strive hard to reach your shelves (i-if you're short...)!

I also hope you all reach your goals for next year or at least progress strongly towards your dreams! Never give up, okay? So believe in yourself! I believe in you!!

Horray! (ღ≧▽≦ღ)

Also, to sweep out all the bad art from this year me and my sister put together some final crappy doodles. E-enjoy our hard work~

Crap Doodles by Shainbow

mkay happy new year peeps

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Mulligrubs OCT: Foxhunt Contest

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 20, 2015, 10:11 AM

Gunheart Contest by Shainbow

Divider II by RBSRdesigns

Hi Guys! Did you not get a chance to get into Mulligrubs? Want to fight somebody anyways? Want to win pRIZES!???

Well my oh my you're in luck friend, my buddy TheGunheart is hosting a contest just about that! Please check it out!

Offical* Contest below!

Mulligrubs-OCT - Foxhunt by TheGunheart

Divider II by RBSRdesigns

Basically he has these three adorable foxes (as depicted above an in contest) that didn't get a chance to get in, but they deserve a fighting chance!

With your character, go against them in "a round" and do what you may with them (with exceptions)! Treat it as if it was a Mulligrubs entry and you were against the trio! Have fun in this standoff and see where your creativity takes you friends!

Going up against a competitor on this fun Mulligrubs free-for-all, neato! Now go brawl~

Divider II by RBSRdesigns

*Please note this contest advertisement is solely provided by TheGunheart only and is not an official round or hosted by Mulligrubs-OCT

Divider II by RBSRdesigns

mkay stay breezy peeps

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DA Questionare

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 7, 2015, 8:54 AM

Emoji06 Every peep be doing it why nooooot

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

    Though my account says 4 years I've actually been here about ten thousand years, maybe since the dawn of time 6-7 years

  2. What does your username mean?

    It's part of my first name and the end part of "rainbow", ye!

  3. Describe yourself in three words.




  4. Are you left or right handed?

    I guess I am right handed perhaps I am, science has yet to prove this theory *pap yo face*

  5. What was your first deviation?

    :iconp4wthplz: Something that should not be uncovered ever again...

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

    Digital cartoony art!

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

    Anime so I can be otaku and talented I really want to have a realistic/paintery style that would be cool

  8. What was your first favourite?

    Behold- lady heels

    Foot Pack 1 by SenshiStock

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

    Oh my I have so many! Every type is so talented and amazing >w< I tend to gravitate towards Cartoony styles more though!

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

    (OuO) artist?

    (/OuO)/ why singular noun friend


    A lot of you I haven't talked in a long time, still thinks you're awesome tho <3

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

    :dummy: Everyone. I shall host the most epic party ever to do so. Candy for all.

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

    They made me less lonely and feel very lucky to have them all <3

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

    These cold dead haaands

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

    DA, Tumblr, and Twitter. Very cool art communities around!

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

    OCTournamentOfRings  OuO *war flashbacks*

    mkay stay totes awesome!

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Help My Frieeeend

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 19, 2015, 12:31 PM

Please help my friend, he's in a tight situation and needs money to move! You can read more about it here!

Rose Bullet  NOW GO FUND HIM! Rose Bullet 

If you do thank you so much! He's super cool, I mean look at him.

pls by Shainbow
You cannot say no to that.

mkay stay great peeps~

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Yoo I Graduateeeeed

Journal Entry: Fri May 29, 2015, 12:39 PM

ello fwends! I got big news- I
graduated two days ago! I’ve survived! I MISSED ALL YOUR FACES SO MUCH HNNG XD All the homework and projects are doooone. I’ve gotten a decent amount of scholarships to start college off which I am so grateful for! I’m still super hyped and scared for the future though haha, but I wish luck on all 2K15 grads!

So I’m enjoying my break now, I’ve got lots planned to do to get myself out there in the art community for personal and educational purposes (hush hush), but I’m slowly trying to make my way up to be posting art more and talking with friends, ‘cause preparing for college is still a hassle right now. Darn those computer and book prices. And orientation. And driving :I

My inbox is also cleaned out dayum, so I'm not looking much at the old messages and notes and starting clean! I-I mean I had like 13,000 deviations and 100+ of everything else :I don't judge meeeeee

My hiatus for my webcomic (for those who know about it) isn’t over yet sadly, but hopefully I can get back to it after college prep is eased down!

Also there are some promotions at the bottom that you should totes look at oh mai >w>

So yep! I’ll be posting some school work and some other doodles of mine quite soon. You can see them first on my tumblrrrrr fufu. Thank you so much for the patience! I had missed ya’ll so dearly *hugs* and so have I missed my tablet my babby QuQ

mkay have a nice day~


:bulletpink: :iconmulligrubs-oct: :bulletpink:

This OCT is coming very soon! However we still need more prizes to be donated. If you'd like to donate any prizes at all, please go here! Thank you!

:bulletred: :iconcomicrelief-oct: :bulletred:

The deadline for this OCT is June 5th (about a week)! They need at least 32 auditions done by then, if not this wonderful OCT will close! It's a close date, but please help them out! QuQ

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Hiatus Hiatus Hiatus

Sat Apr 4, 2015, 2:31 PM

Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 

Hello friends!

So recent events happened in my personal life and household that has hindered my time spent on what I would like to do. In other words, I don’t think I can make art freely anymore- or worse draw at all- until I get some things settled. Those include focusing on college, major tests, anxious stuffs, jobs, and other grown up things yep yep. I'm taking a hiatus!

That means no art or free time on interwebs to deal with these issues. Don’t worry, no unfortunate events occurred, I’m just forced to not do anything art related for my stories/fanart/random at the moment or be on my personal computer. Art isn’t really favorable at my place at the moment and I have to keep it under the radar even more than I have now to deal with the things and to ease tension stuffs between me and things. Things. :meow:

This means I cannot answer to messages/comments/notes and what not at the moment nor be posting anything up. Honestly the only site I can be sort of active on is my Twitter since it’s on my phone. I’ll be sort of “dead” as you might say! :dummy: Though seriously it makes me feel super duper bad because I know I’m not communicating enough with my awesome and terrific friends, and this is just the worst oh noes ; v ; I'm such a terrible asian aaaaah Gonna miss chit chats, forgive me!

However the really bad news for me anyways is that I’m not sure when I can pick up a pencil again, which is beyond my control at the moment sadly and weakens my soul maaaan. So I’m not sure when my hiatus will be over. It might be just a few weeks to several months sadly, which isn’t something nice and is kinda taking a toll at my artsy self. I always want to work on my stories to be able to be done one day but this is just the worst oh dear QuQ

This hiatus mainly effects Residents of Spooky Town, which I’m very disappointed in myself and embarrassed for having it start off in a rocky beginning due to the absences in updating that I have been making. I deeply apologize for my webcomic and how I've dealt to manage it, and I hope to do a better job in the future. Guess 2014 wasn’t my year for ROST huh? Of course ROST will continue on as a webcomic, it’s just that I’m unable to update any longer until my hiatus is over. I shall make an announcement soon about that for those reading the webcomic, and again I am very sorry for this and truly feel very bad.

And of course during my hiatus I will still be absolutely busy as ever, there is no break for me pfft. Responsibilities come first and so does life~! just think of the amount of paperwork and studying yaaaay It's going to be a doozy for me guys :I

The only thing I can actually be fully active on that would need some of my art is for the :iconmulligrubs-oct: OCT, since it’s my job! I’m determined to keep my responsibilities there of course! No worries about Mulligrubs peeps, everything will still run smoothly for this thing <3 *wink wink*

But yes, I deeply apologize for my future absence or any bother I have caused. It’s not what I wanted to do of course, hiatuses suck, but is required for my sake. Thank you for understanding, and till I return guys, cheers all around and have a happy Easter when it comes~! (/>wO)/ good vibes friends chin up chin up

mkay peeps go eat peeps
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Random Watcher Feature 2!

Thu Mar 26, 2015, 8:20 AM
Animated Rainbow Heart Divider by GasaraAnimated Rainbow Heart Divider by Gasara

:iconhappyderpplz: I strike again!

Hello againers, thank you for watching me all of you! It's awesome and I appreciate very much ;; v ;; Here's another randomized feature of mine, so please do check these guys out <3

:bulletyellow: :iconstar-vader: :bulletyellow:

I See Fire  by star-vader  Foxeh by star-vader  I've Got My Demons by star-vader

:bulletpink: :iconkimlea7: :bulletpink:

<da:thumb id="519655148"/> <da:thumb id="518599302"/> <da:thumb id="507628896"/>

:bulletblue: :iconepicoruulterra: :bulletblue:

Amethyst On Da Beach by EpicOruUlterra   Astro Boy Request For OrangeToonist by EpicOruUlterra

:bulletred: :iconadrianna286: :bulletred:

The Ringmaster by Adrianna286  Viking thing by Adrianna286  Long hair? by Adrianna286

:bulletblack: :icontoxicsoul77: :bulletblack:

Kiiro by ToxicSoul77  Kiiro Doodles by ToxicSoul77  Toon Michaela Pixel Gif by ToxicSoul77

:bulletwhite: :icontwilightkirby: :bulletwhite:

we'll be right back by TwilightKirby  Blueberry by TwilightKirby  Summa by TwilightKirby

:bulletpurple: :iconwolvesponiesohmy: :bulletpurple:

Dragon chibi (RP) by WolvesPoniesOhMy  Cuddle buddies (Fin. YCH) by WolvesPoniesOhMy  and im socially awkward by WolvesPoniesOhMy

:bulletpink: :icondigitallydelirious: :bulletpink:

Anthony Concept Redesign by DigitallyDelirious   Saturday Morning Cartoons by DigitallyDelirious  You Calling Me a Liar? by DigitallyDelirious

:bulletblue: :iconknightle: :bulletblue:

<da:thumb id="519655477"/> <da:thumb id="517665247"/> <da:thumb id="502179564"/>

:bulletyellow: :iconradicles: :bulletyellow:

A fox and her children by Radicles   DEH FEELZ by Radicles

:bulletblack: :iconfreakyzi: :bulletblack:

LOVE ME VERICA! by FreakyZi  2. Decapitation by FreakyZi  Trentonomous Sicogliceneral by FreakyZi

:bulletgreen: :iconemceex: :bulletgreen:

yAAAA by EMCEEX  Sdfh by EMCEEX  weh by EMCEEX

mkay stay totes awesome peeps~

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Woahoho Tagged Againers

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 10, 2015, 9:02 AM

:iconimsotiredplz: I've been tagged so many times I'm so sorry

*throws sparkles at :iconphuijl:*


1) You must post these rules
2) Share 10 facts about yourself
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for people you tag
4) Choose 10 people and put 10 icons in their journal
5) Not something like, "You are tagged if you read that".
6) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
7) No tag-backs.
8) You can't say that you don't do tags.
9) You MUST make a journal entry! No comments.

10 Facts About Me

:heart: My hands are not steady they are shakier than Shake It Off omg
:heart: I'm a quarter white(?) actually OvO
:heart: My favorite animal is a giraffe
:heart: My favorite Pokémon are Charmeleon, Pichu, and Roserade!
:heart: Instead of hot stuff I like it when characters huggle snuggle and face boop >w<
:heart: I had a puppy once! She ded ;; v ;;
:heart: I'm sorta the quiet girl in my class cause I have nothing to talk about lol
:heart: My birthmark is on my face. In the middle of my face.
:heart: When people don't smile at me when talking I panic idk
:heart: My habitat is in fuzzy blankets

10 Questions

:bademoticon: Have you ever seen a ghost? If yes, tell me what's it like

        -No! But if I ever meet one I'll beat it up for you because I'm not a weak girl in a horror story >:U

:bademoticon: What appeals to you the most about videogames?

        -I like the design of it! I'm an art freak I'm all about visuals QvQ If it looks pretty well designed and unique I'll check it out, the importance of story comes second to me too pfft.

:bademoticon: Are you bilingual or multilingual?

        -I'm sorta trilingual! I know English and Vietnamese, but I'm trying to improve my Spanish since it's fading away nuuuh

:bademoticon: Can you look back at arts/stories you've drawn or written years ago without being embarassed?

        -N-no QAQ. I'm more concerned of how I portrayed a character back then that would embarrass me haha, if I look back on my art style alone I'll just be like "lol wow I sucked"

:bademoticon: Have you ever been called a "loser" for loving certain things?

        -Yeah, I forgot what it was but it was in the outernet and I knew they were joking but it still sorta felt uncomfortable lol

:bademoticon: How do you feel about your own future?

        -I have no idea what to expect, but I'll be grateful with every step forward ^w^ I just hope I can manage money well and not go into debt and to be able to find a job and house! You know "grown up" stuffs pshaw 

:bademoticon: What is your current lazyness meter?

        -Oh my it looks like I broke the meter heh heh... :iconstupidtailsplz:

:bademoticon: Does it usually bother you if your comment isn't replied? 

        -No I'm fine with it! Unless it's someone I really liked then I'll just be like... oh okay haha :iconlazycryplz:

:bademoticon: What is your worst nightmare?

        -Not being able to finish my major webcomics during my lifetime. Nuh ; w ;

:bademoticon: Do you ever run out of ideas on what to draw? 

        -Most of the time, but sometimes I do have ideas but I just can't draw it right so I quit QvQ I'm a quitteeer~

My 10 Questions

1.) How would you decorate a cake?
2.) On your art, how well would you say you are improving?
3.) Is it best to ignore a rude comment or reply back to them?
4.) If you were the last person on Earth what would be the first thing you would do?
5.) A lifetime of adventure or a lifetime of peace, and why?
6.) What would you rather be; hero, sidekick, villain, anti-hero, or henchman?
7.) Do you have the heart to kill off your characters, why or why not?
8.) What's your favorite cartoon show and would you enter in that world?
9.) Do you like talking about your OC's or keeping them to yourself?
10.) You're in a haunted house! What do you do first without dying?


:iconchezburg: :iconsesemiroh: :iconthefaceinthetree: :iconzhdara: :iconbunnysquisher: :iconterrimou: :iconjuan-cn: :iconschizobot: :iconfearcrowz: :iconstitched-up-threads:

Escape is futile <3 :iconffryojiplz:

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Quick Point Commishies (Closed)

Sun Feb 22, 2015, 10:56 AM

:new: Thank you so much for everyone who commissioned~! ; w ;

:dummy: Opening Point Commissions up very briefly for prize points for :iconmulligrubs-oct:

Besides the Paper Chibi's, only singular characters please!

The Main Rules!
:bulletred:  The normal procedure for commissions is: give me the points first, then I draw!
:bulletorange:  Again, unless it's Paper Chibi's, only singular characters this time.
:bulletyellow:  I will not trace or copy another artist's piece of work for you.
:bulletgreen:  I will not color/ink/etc. an already made piece of work for you.
:bulletblue:  I will not commission a piece of work that you will sell, whether you credit me or not.
:bulletpurple:  I will not draw gore/nudity/sexual content/profanity/your religious art or anything else I'm not comfortable with.
:bulletpink:  After the commission is done, you have the option of changing 1-2 small things about it and that's it. 
:bulletblack: Please be patient; I'll get these done in about a week or two ^w^

Commission Statuses
:star: Done
:star-half: Half done/Working on it
:star-empty: Not started yet

Full Body with Transparent and Abstract Background: 500 :points:

Dapper Kitty by Shainbow

Some Eyes You Got There by Shainbow

I can either make up my own or you can tell me what you want!

No Slots Available!

Bust with Transparent Background: 250 :points:

You Look Lovely Hehe by Shainbow

No Slots Available!

:bulletorange: TheGunheart :star:

Paper chibis: 80 :points: (+5 for every additional character)

Some Fluffy Toons by Shainbow

Vincent and Hypisno by Shainbow

No Slots Available!

:bulletblue: Crash-the-Megaraptor :star:

Try to minimize the slots per person! It would be best to just send me the character ref and just a little bit about them, Thank you so much! ^w^

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Mulligrubs OCT- Thank You!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 3, 2015, 9:59 AM
I've found my judges for the OCT! Thank you so much for everyone that have offered to help! I hope this OCT will prove fun for everyone >wO

Main Judges ~

:iconthefaceinthetree: :iconjuan-cn: :iconkaylabirdee: :iconzeeksays: :iconshainbow:

 ~ Back-Up Judges ~

:iconbunnysquisher: :iconflameofthedark: :iconchezburg:

 :iconmulligrubs-oct: :iconmulligrubs-oct: :iconmulligrubs-oct:

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Mulligrubs OCT- I'm Looking for Help!

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 1, 2015, 12:16 PM
:new: I'm slowly rounding up Judges for the OCT! Thank you so much for those who were interested! >wO

 :iconmulligrubs-oct: :iconmulligrubs-oct: :iconmulligrubs-oct:

Secret by Shainbow

Hey guys! As you have probably seen in the deviations I'm posting (I'm so sorry) I'm hosting an Original Character Tournament called Mulligrubs-OCT!

You can read all about it on the OCT's description! Right now though, I'm in dire need of at least 2 judges to help with the OCT. I was wondering if any of my buds or any of my watchers are interested in helping me judge this baby? OvO

The only requirements are that you must have had experience with an OCT, whether judging in it or competing in it. My judges have to create one NPC to assist the OCT (which I'll describe) and I'll tell you guys all about the OCT and it's goings ons!

Thank you for taking the time to read this QuQ If anyone is interested please do message me!

mkay stay awesome peeps~

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ROST Updates Next Week!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 21, 2015, 8:30 AM

Pumpkin Divider by PhoebeRose

Updates Wednesdays & Fridays!

Boo! Guess What?

Residents of Spooky Town will update on the 28th of next week!

Thanks for the patience on the webcomic guys, I'm so sorry it took longer than planned, collage work is not fun!

I've finished a few scholarships here and there and got a lot of art for scholarships done. Sadly I'm still waiting for the results and doing more scholarships, but the heavy collage work has been eased up (FAFSA, forms, campus trips, letters, etc.)! 

So again, thank you, and if you haven't yet, click on the banner to check ROST out! It is spoopy and updates on Wednesdays & Fridays.

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10 Questions Meme

Thu Jan 15, 2015, 7:21 AM

First things first my college hiatus is near an end, so just a heads up! >w< I'll probably start updating ROST and other art fart stuffs next week (unless parents interfere which I can't stop I apologize bwuh QuQ)


I made the name up i dunno Tagged by: :iconmissclyrics: how dare you summon meeee (/OoO)/ ~ pfft

1. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves. 
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions for the people YOU tagged and they will answer them. 
3. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal. 
4. It's not like "you get tagged if you read this!" and the victims you choose don't have to do this if they don't want to. 
5. You have to choose 10 people. 
6. And there's no tag backs! 

10 things about me:

Let's do this thing! :dummy:

1. I can only swim backwards, badly.

2. I like monsters and mythology way too much haha

3. I can crack 9 places in my body!

4. I have a little sister and she will wreak your whole town

5. I don’t like places with deep water just no

6. Driving displeases me so

7. I actually have more neutral colored clothes than colorful clothes! that shall change soon

8. I met and shook hands with my mayor once for an award thingythat was cool

9. If you have a pumpkin head character I will love them forever!

10. I love spicy noodles omg <3

MissCLyrics’s Questions:

1. What would be cooler to get around in? A giant walking fish or a flying book?


A flying book! A giant walking fish would not only be smelly but really scary for the tiny children and myself OAO I’d love to fly around in a pretty picture book though~

2. What's your favorite fandom and how did you get into it?


I jump around a lot XD Currently I’m in the Star Fox one, though I’m not that hardcore I just love the characters <3 I actually don’t remember how the heck I came upon it, my memory fades :I I think it had something to do with seeing Wolf and being like, “bruh”.

3. Make as many words as you can using the letters M, Y, O, H, G, and S.


Oh god I can name a bunch XD I’ll just create the top ten that comes to mind:


    M- Magnet, Magikarp, Magnolia, Magician, Mermaids, Mustache, Mustard, Mustang, Magic, Mole

    Y- Yeast, Yellow, Yodel, Yam, Yesterday, Yowl, Yawn, Yarn, Yak, Yearn

    O- Ostrich, Octopus, Orthodontist, Open, Orange, Oyster, Old, Oodles, On, Office

    H- House, Hair, Hydra, Horrendous, Hideous, Help, Hello, Hero, Heaven, Hell

    G- Goat, Ghoul, Gross, Grass, Graze, Goose, Groceries, Gamble, Gas, Grumble

    S- Sausage, Soul, Sound, Soup, Spicy, Sugar, Sweet, Sour, Sister, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

4. Ever had a pet?


We had like 25 fish once but they all died QnQ poor willy

5. Chocolate or strawberry milk?


I tried chocolate milk once in my lifetime during the first day of kindergarten and hated it, so I’m going with strawberry milk XD

6. What would you do with 48 pounds of cardboard?



7. What have you always wanted? Did you get it?


For the longest time I wanted a puppy but I never got it, parents of course XD Maybe in the future~

8. Ever made a prank call? Tell us about it!


Okay well I dialed 911 for the first time ever to see if I was brave enough and they did pick up so I hung up. Then they called my house again and asked if everything was alright and my parents were confused and said there was no trouble and I sat there in the corner brooding over my success so yeah.

9. Name the most terrifying moment of your life so far.


The most terrifying moment in my life is very personal honestly XD Buuut the close second most terrifying moment of my life was when I lost my little sister in a department store and she was so tiny man I thought someone kidnapped her because she was so cute. Eventually found her though!

10. The person who annoyed you in middle school is back from the grave and is haunting you! What do you do?


Call Buddha and then proceed to try to beat the crap out of them- WITH MY FLAILING HANDS.


My Questions (that you will answer):

1. Who will win a whale or a semi-truck

2. You are gifted with a super fluffy rainbow sweater do you wear it?

3. What’s your favorite amusement park ride?

4. Do you art fart bro

5. What is the spookiest or weirdest moment in your life thus far?

6. What is your favorite song as of now?

7. If you could hang out with any character who would it be and why?

8. What is a perfect day to you like?

9. Are you made out of sugar, spice, and everything nice?

10. If your life was a music and/or movie genre what would you want it to be?



I had people in mind but I don’t wanna bother them (/QuQ)/ so steal it from me if you wish~! I’M SORRY THAT I’M BREAKING THE RULES SHUSH

mkay stay sweet peeps~

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Merry Christmas OuO

Thu Dec 25, 2014, 6:59 AM

Have a good one guys, hope ya'll the best and coziest and jolliest and have lots of candy canes yes yes <33

ho ho peeps

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College Hiatus

Tue Dec 2, 2014, 11:49 AM
Jingle fruit cake month is now college month for me to get some things done, so sadly I have to take a short break for this month to do my work. I'm writing essays and doing some art projects for scholarships and awards and stuff, so even though I'm inactive for chit chat you'll probably still see some art from me! There's also a major one I'm trying to accomplish for awards or scholarship stuffs that I'll probably tell you guys later about...

However the problem is that for Residents of Spooky Town I won't be updating this month; which I don't like, considering I just started it and taking a hiatus this early is weird. But college and scholarship work is the most important right now, (also naggy parents) so I have no other choice in this situation. Bwuh, so I hope you guys understand I deeply apologize~! Emoji26 

I will update this week pages though before my break, so yay! Emoji02 I'll probably return around early or at the latest mid January~

mkay stay toasty peeps~ <3

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